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Why You Should Choose Lumidesign As Your Lighted Mirror Supplier

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C.S.A Listed Certification Dielectric testing on all production ensuring the safety of your guest(Shock Testing) Building inspectors can easily verify the CSA listing online speeding up the permit process
Epoxy Resin Testing Our epoxies have been tested in an oven at 600 celsius ensuring the strength quality of the epoxy Mirrors using this epoxy will not fall off onto the vanity
Design Reliability Our backlit mirrors designs have been around for over 10 years Hassle free and maintenance free LED – 80,000 Hrs Life
Glass Quality Canadian made glass 5 mm, 6 mm Colorless glass available Less silvering defects, elimination of rusting on edges
Easy Maintenance Stainless steel mirror hangers allow the mirror to be lifted off easily for maintenance Easy access for servicing
or repairs out damaging surrounding conditions
Safety Backed Vinyl Vinyl can be applied to the back of the mirror In The event the mirror is damaged the vinyl will hold the shattered glass together reducing the risk of harm to your client
Past Clients Our recent projects include Sheraton, OLG, Ritz Carlton, etc. Ease of mind