Vanishing Mirror TV

Vanishing Mirror TV

Vanishing mirror TV’s are ideal for bathrooms that demand seamless TV images yet require a reflection quality that is comparable to a silver mirror.  Lumidesign custom fabricates LED TV monitors that provide a true HD seamless experience in your bathroom.

Lumidesign uses a 5mm Silver-Toned two way glass that is custom coated to allow images to seamless appear in/out of the mirror.

Vanishing mirror TV’s does however have a slightly off-silver shade mirror color when compared to a silver mirror.  Clarity and sharpness however is identical.


  • 24″ x 36″ x 1.75″

Light Technology

Color Temperature




What separates our products from others?

  • Made in Canada with high quality components
  • Fully certified lighting fixtures
  • Brightest LED technology on the market today - CRI 90+
  • High quality mirror with polished edges
  • Anti-corrosion finishes on all parts
  • 3 Year warranty