LED Panel Technology

Our LED panel uses an acrylic diffuser that is embedded with a high quality LED’s inside. This allows the light to diffuse evenly to prevent hotspots and dark corners typically found in lighted mirrors. The LED panel also uses an internal reflector and etching pattern to maximize the lighting output. Our LED panels are 30% brighter than any fluorescent lighted mirror in the market today.

LED panel life is + 80,000 Hours

LED Retrofit Program |Upgrade or Retrofit Any Existing Lighted Mirror

Already purchased or using lighted mirrors from another company? Not to worry, Lumidesign’s engineers can create a retrofit kit for your mirrors. Offering over 50% in energy savings, our LED technology has a quick return on investment.

Contact us today regarding your upgrade or retrofit needs

Key Benefits

  • No hot spot or uneven lighting – Perfect balanced and even lighting
  • Energy Savings – Reduce energy consumption by more than 50 %
  • UV Free – Ultraviolet free reducing UV damage on your skin and eyes
  • Flicker Free – No more flickering lamps typically caused by fluorescent lamp technology
  • Energy Efficient – 30% Brighter than any fluorescent technology
  • Low cost Dimming Solution – 50% Less the cost of fluorescent dimming ballasts
  • Programmable – Control your mirror with a wireless remote or with smart home technology
  • Environmental – Mercury free, reducing the landfill waste from lamps

** All LED modules are replaceable for future technology advances or maintenance
** 3 Year Warranty