Glass & Mirror Quality

Not all mirror and glass are the same quality.  At a quick glance, mirrors imported from Asia seem to be the same quality but upon inspection you will find defects and low quality finishes.  Lumidesign uses either a 5mm,6mm and 8mm mirror that is manufactured in North America.  Upon close inspection you will find the edging and finishing to be perfect without chips or knicks.


Each piece of mirror is then sandblasted on an automated machine from Germany producing the smoothest and most even sandblasting quality.  Each piece is then inspected on a lighted table to inspect for possible pin-holes that can occur during the silvering process or sandblasting process. After the mirror has been cleaned and quality controlled, each piece is then protected with a 2mm protection wrap to prevent scratches from handling and installation.


Chassis & Lighting Fixture Design

Using stainless steel parts we ensure that the mirror will not rust internally as the hanging mechanism is cured with our patented epoxy resin.  The resin’s are tested by CSA laboratories to ensure that the curing is strong enough to support the mirror weight.


Our light fixture (chassis design) encompasses welded corners and a scratch resistant matte white finish.  This high end finish not only feels refined when you touch it but also looks refined when compared to standard gloss finishes.


LED Lighting Quality

Using only high quality components we have decided to use German lamps for our T5 HO Fluorescent models and only high quality LED’s from Korea for our LED models.  This will maximize the life of your product without compromise offering the reliability you need for your project.


Electronic Parts

Using name brand and certified components from reputable suppliers is essential in our products.  We believe that the quality of the small components make up the total quality of the entire product.  If one small component fails than the entire product is compromised.  All of our sub components are UL/CUL listed components that are verifiable.