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Laser Etched Mirror TV

Etched mirror TV’s are ideal for bathrooms where clarity and reflection quality is priority and essential for the guest.  Using a 99% reflective silver mirror, we are able to laser etch out a portion of the mirror to allow an image to be
seen through the mirror.  This allows 99% of the quality and brightness of the TV image to appear through the glass while preserving the natural reflection quality of a mirror.

Etched mirror TV’s however are NOT vanishing and when the TV is turned off and a black spot will remain in the mirror where the image was located.


  • Consumer & Commerical Screen Sizes 11″, 15″, 17″, 19″, 22″
  • Custom

Light Technology

Color Temperature




What separates our products from others?

  • Made in Canada with high quality components
  • Fully certified lighting fixtures
  • Brightest LED technology on the market today - CRI 90+
  • High quality mirror with polished edges
  • Anti-corrosion finishes on all parts
  • 3 Year warranty

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