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High Resolution Sandblasting

We are currently the only company that can achieve high resolution sandblasting with 0.002″ tolerances. It is 100% repeatable with no defects and can be done on material up to 4′ X 8′ areas.

Traditionally with vinyl cutters, weeding is very time consuming and the tolerances of the vinyl cutter are sub-par when compared to high resolution sandblasting.


Material Area W x H x D
  • 4′ X 8′
  • Custom

Light Technology


Color Temperature





  • Interlayer Lamination
  • Digital graphic printing

What separates our products from others?

  • Made in Canada with high quality components
  • Fully certified lighting fixtures
  • Brightest LED technology on the market today - CRI 90+
  • High quality mirror with polished edges
  • Anti-corrosion finishes on all parts
  • 3 Year warranty

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