The Alpha front-lit mirror is ceiling mounted to float in any modern space. The premium matte white finish that encloses the mirror, adds a level of dimension in addition to its clean and minimalist look. An image or work of art can be placed on the backside of the mirror, further complementing its design.


  • 24” x 38” x 1.75”
  • 24” x 42” x 3.00” (Double Sided)
  • Custom Sizes Available

Light Technology

  • LED Hard Strips

Color Temperature

  • Cool White – 4100K
  • Warm Yellow – 3000K


  • 5mm Sandblasted Mirror


  • 6mm Starphire Mirror
  • Mirror Defogger
  • Safety Lamination

What separates our products from others?

  • Made in Canada with high quality components
  • Fully certified lighting fixtures
  • Brightest LED technology on the market today - CRI 90+
  • High quality mirror with polished edges
  • Anti-corrosion finishes on all parts
  • 3 Year warranty