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Framed Vanishing Mirror TV

The framed vanishing mirror TV is the perfect solution for hiding a television in your living room. We use German quality two way mirrors to achieve this effect allowing 95 % transmission of your HDTV.

Lumidesign offers complete framed mirror TV’s or just the framed mirror alone. Use our standard mouldings or choose from our preferred partners of frame mouldings below for a wide variety of frame selections.

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  • Screen Sizes 24″,42″,47″,55″
  • Custom

Light Technology

Color Temperature




What separates our products from others?

  • Made in Canada with high quality components
  • Fully certified lighting fixtures
  • Brightest LED technology on the market today - CRI 90+
  • High quality mirror with polished edges
  • Anti-corrosion finishes on all parts
  • 3 Year warranty

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