Joint Venture Design

  • The Bionic-i™ Lightshield™ Hyperflow™ Sterilization Robot uses UVC light, and HEPA FlowGuard™ air-filtration technology to sanitize surfaces and disinfect airflow 10 times faster.
  • Supported by the Canadian Medical Association and NSERC, Bionic-i was engineered to eliminate indoor viral aerosols and to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Purify & Sterilize Stagnant Contaminated Air in Only 3 Minutes.

UVC Design

  • Our LightShield™ technology comprised of up to twenty-four UVC irradiance tubes achieves more than 10 times higher kill rate compared to pulsed-xenon light and other industry sanitization devices.
  • The central Hyperflow column draws in stale, contaminated air, and filters it through the HEPA FlowGuard™ air-filtration system: a revolutionary 5-stage sterilization system with: UVC sterilization, HEPA filtration, heat sterilization, shear fragmentation, and sterile laminar flow that drastically accelerate the viral kill time from 30 minutes to 3 minutes.

Leaders in the Industry

  • UV based sanitization devices like pulsed-xenon are intermittent and irregular, leaving areas of the room untouched and can be harmful to humans, restricting its operational time.
  • Bionic-i functions with an always-on Hyperflow™ and LightShield™ mode, working continuously in synergy all day and even all night while people can continue working safely in the same room with peace of mind.


  • Plug & Play Device for immediate deployment in any environment, operating room or workplace.
  • Portable, mobile design that can roll anywhere while the footprint is small enough for multiple devices to be used simultaneously, for Ultrafast, High Risk or High Volume needs.

Cost Effective and Efficient

  • Health guidelines recommend approximately 20x air exchanges per hour* (ACH), in a class size of 24 children (15 cfm/child). Opening windows or using air purifiers are not sufficient to provide a safe environment.
  • Bionic-i provides an additional 20 ACH above any alternatives, plus the benefits of UVC aerosol & surface sterilization
  • Eliminate +$100,000s for HVAC upgrades and hiring staff to manually disinfect surfaces and floors.

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